Why I love Acuity Scheduling for Diary Management
Acuity scheduling
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Why I love Acuity Scheduling

Why I love Acuity Scheduling

For any small business, diary management can be challenging and time consuming. Thankfully there are tools that can make things easier for both you and your clients.

As a virtual assistant, I’ve trialled and tested dozens of alternatives and quickly found cloud-based scheduling applications to be the best solution. Following extensive research on behalf of my clients, I’ve come to love Acuity Scheduling. This easy-to-use scheduling software is loaded with features and benefits to help businesses manage their bookings effectively, saving time and money, and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Features and benefits

  • Clients book directly online
  • Can be linked to your calendar (Outlook, Gmail, iCloud)
  • Confirmation emails can be customized to include your logo
  • Can be linked directly to your website
  • Text message reminders
  • Sell products online
  • Take payments up front
  • Can add a form that the client completes to gather information before the appointment
  • Many integration options
  • No need to trawl through voice messages to call a client back to book an appointment
  • Makes Diary Management easy



One of the huge benefits of Acuity Scheduling is that you can quickly and easily customise your appointment types to suit your business, and can update these as your requirements change. Once you book an appointment, Acuity adds it to your calendar and you’ll receive a weekly email reminder of your upcoming appointment. If you’ve added a form for your client or customer to complete when booking the appointment, this data is stored in the appointment for easy access. It’s as easy as that.

The software, which is subscription based, lets you can choose the package that best suits your requirements. Prices range from a free starter package to $34 a month – less than £30!

Some clients ask me to set up the software for them then manage it themselves once that’s done. Others (mainly the non-techies) pay me to manage their diary for them, thereby freeing up time to focus on the more profitable aspects of their business. It’s a cost-effective solution that suits all pockets.

In summary…

In a competitive world, Acuity Scheduling is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and efficient way to manage your diary– it’s all about finding the right fit for your business.

Just in case you’re new to Pepper Potts – I work closely with business owners to get their business processes and automation in place, so they can move their business forward. This naturally compliments what they are working on with their coaches in terms of their business strategy.

If you’re looking to make your business Robust, Sustainable and Scalable, but struggle WITH the time, inclination or technical knowledge.

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