Client Testimonials & Kind Words - Pepper Potts PA - Virtual Assistant
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Hire a virtual assistant

I have worked with Karen closely for over a year now and while it may sound dramatic it has changed my life, the difference is the relationship I have with technology


I am very confident with many things; technology has never been one of these things… my lack of knowledge has always allowed fear of the thing get in the way of the thing – I think it’s fair to say that this fear has held me back


Karen’s huge level of patience and determination to teach people rather than just do what needs doing is, while at times painful, just what’s needed. I have learned how to use new programmes such as canva YouTube and bitly and I have also increased my knowledge of the programmes I have been using but in no way utilising…


My worry has always been that I will “break it” or lose all my work in the process, now thanks to Karen I have a totally new mantra “you’re not clever enough to break it just give it a go”


I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking to improve their skills and confidence and i am so grateful she is in my corner.

I wanted to take the time to drop you a line about the help you have given me; I am 90% sure that it felt like nothing to you but to me it created huge change.


I have been working on revamping my books for ages now and I was totally stuck, not a little bit but massively. I could not see the document as I refused to open something that had become a monster – nearly 40,000 words in one document will do that to a girl. I felt that the writing was appalling and that it was all a waste of time… a chance conversation with you changed all of that and without you I would still be in the position I was in 3 months ago… going no where.


You took all my scary away, you showed me that it wasn’t the style of the work or the writing that was the issue it was the original formatting of the document which you showed me how to change.

Like most people I am really good at what I know; getting to know something I don’t really care about feels like a pointless exercise… I thought I had broken the document/or my laptop and had done something wrong.


The tiny things really can make the biggest difference, thank you so much Karen you have helped me move forward in more ways than you will ever know

Fantastic, Karen has been a huge help over the past few months. I run my own business and whilst I’ve been on maternity leave Karen has been a great support keeping the ‘business’ side ticking over so my team can focus on their job. Highly recommended virtual assistant.

I’ve worked with Pepper Potts PA and more specifically Karen for over 10 years. She’s been a great support to our businesses across multiple brands. She’s reliable, she does what you want her to when you want her to and turns up when you want her to as well! Her communication is great, she’s pretty much ‘always on’ – getting back to you quickly with a response even if it’s only to acknowledge receipt and letting you know when you can expect a response. She’s got great experience in all things operational; business admin, facilities, office moves (!), travel planning, supplier management and negotiation among other things! If you’re looking for someone to make your life easier without any drama, I’d highly recommend Karen

Karen is lovely, super-efficient and she will do a fab job for you and give you more time for the stuff you really want to do.