Business Process Management will change your Business?
Business Process Management will change your Business?
Business Process Management will change your Business?
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Business Process Management will change your Business?

Business Process Management will change your Business?

Admit it, you’re still using post it notes, scraps of paper, email chains or spreadsheets to track projects tasks & business processes. Despite the explosion of cloud-based software many start-ups & small businesses owner still ‘do things on the fly” – I’m certainly guilty of relying on adhoc solutions to issues that arise outside of my processes. When you’re a department of one, covering all aspects of running a business, it’s easy to get away with it. But if you want your business to scale, you need to establish clear optimised processes. That’s where business Process Management (BPM) comes into play.

What is Business Process Management?

Business process management is the modelling, automation, execution, control, measurement & optimisation of business activity flows

“to maximise the impact of inputs (time, money, resources) by optimising outputs”

In practical terms, this means evaluating your current processes, identifying opportunities to streamline & improve outcomes. With every client I have worked with, when they begin to really look at what they do & when, there are always ‘waste’ tasks, tasks that could be automated or made simpler by thinking the whole process through. Detail is key here!!

Think about McDonalds – they’re a quick service restaurant which operates so efficiently; every employee is part of a well-oiled machine that follows the same documented process regardless of the franchise location or team.  Every team member goes through the same training process, everyone understands their role & how the can best achieve the desired outcome. When processes change, they influence how employees & customers interact with the business, so it’s key to be measuring the BPM success. It’s a continual process of review & improvement.

Bringing BPM to Your Small Business

So, you’re ready to bring documented process to your business or streamline existing ones to supercharge your ROI?

Getting started can be daunting, but I promise, it will be worth it!

Here’s how to get started

  1. Start with what you have. Already have a few processes outlined? Great! Start building from there. All your processes all in your head? That’s ok too. Over the course of a typical business day, start writing down what you do , when you do it & how you do it. Soon, you’ll start to see patterns to you process and bottlenecks will be easier to see,
  2. Don’t assume automation will fix all your problems. Yes, automation can save you time, money and give consistency but the processes must be effective. A bad process will not improve with automation!
  3. Bin the waste. It’s so important to root out waste tasks in your business – does it improve your business or are you still doing it because ‘you’ve always done it that way’?
  4. Assess what you have. Look at the technology you have in place – does it work for you? Do you use it? What is it costing you? Will it scale with your business? Does it ‘fit’ your processes
  5. Go mobile. Investigate mobile & cloud technologies. There’s an amazing amount of apps/ software that you can use on mobile no matter where you are. When your reviewing technology, it’s key to understand the challenge/ issue that you need the technology to help with.
  6. Build in real-time optimization. Adopt an on-going improvement program that will continually monitor & optimise changes in processes in real-time. BPM isn’t a “one and done” project. Successful BPM requires ongoing effort from everyone involved


BPM empowers flexibility, versatility for organisations of all sizes. Sure, you may not be running a giant fast food empire but that’s no reason not to have documented processes & systems. It will save you time, give you some headspace, and your bottom line will thank you, I promise!

If you’d like some support with nailing your processes or automating some of the repetitive tasks, book a discovery call here

 There are many FREE Systems that can help you build your business whilst maintaining your sanity and you profit.

Just in case you’re new to Pepper Potts – I work closely with business owners to get their business processes and automation in place, so they can move their business forward. This naturally compliments what they are working on with their coaches in terms of their business strategy.

If you’re looking to make your business Robust, Sustainable and Scalable, but struggle WITH the time, inclination or technical knowledge.

Get in touch to see how I can help.

Pepper Potts Process Alchemist – Here to Support your World



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