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Earn more money by outsourcing your time-consuming tasks – from the challenging to the downright dull!

Whatever type of business you run – and whatever industry you’re in – your working life involves tasks that simply aren’t a profitable use of your time.

These jobs sap your time and energy, and stop you doing the things that only you can do – which are usually the reasons you went into business in the first place! You don’t want to employ someone to do these jobs – just think of the admin involved in recruitment, for starters – and sometimes it’s hard to delegate.


Documenting what you do and how you do it, to streamline and automate tasks that zap your time and energy

Diary Management

Do you find keeping track of your meetings a chore? They don’t have to be! Let’s get your diary online & automated

Online Business Management

Systems and workflows streamlined & automated. Let’s get cloud based systems & tools to do the hard work for you!

Everything Else

Social media, Email marketing, CRM set up & updates. If you can think of it, I can help! If you have an idea or a task that you need help with, get in touch now!

Pepper Potts PA is a safe pair of hands for the important jobs you can’t avoid, but which you’d rather not do yourself. The tasks you find tedious, time-consuming or just downright dull – whether that’s replying to emails, organising your diary or meetings, making travel arrangements, invoicing your clients.

I’m Karen Wood, a reliable, friendly, and highly experienced virtual assistant, who just loves tech! I set up Pepper Potts PA to make my clients’ lives easier, more efficient and, above all, more enjoyable. Whether you want help with ongoing projects or ad hoc jobs – get in touch to discover how I can take the pain and the strain out of your working day.

Virtual Assistant